This rustic hand carved three piece teak utensil set is a beautiful and practical addition to any kitchen. The unique grain of the teak makes these utensils look great hanging in your kitchen and feel perfect in your hand.

Each three piece utensil set is hand carved from beautiful and durable Teak wood, giving it a rustic nice feel in your hand. The unique grain of the teak makes these look great in your kitchen and feel perfect in your hand.

Each set includes a medium spoon, large spoon, and spatula. Each utensil is 13″ long and has a convenient hanging hole so they can be on display and within easy reach in your kitchen. Your good quality metal and cast iron pans will also thank you for using these wooden spoons that are gentle on their surfaces!

The utensils are sealed with food-safe mineral oil for a beautiful finish. They are easy to care for and a non-stick solution to today’s overuse of plastic. Just hand wash with mild soap and water and dry with a soft cloth.

We offer a variety of cooking utensils that when combined, will make anyone’s cooking experience one to remember!

Product Number: THWS-SET1
Product Dimensions: 13″ L EACH
Product Material: Teak


For information on purchasing for hospitality, please contact us for a list of authorized distributors and/or wholesale pricing.

George Dent
email: gdent@tuckahoehardwoods.com
tel: (410) 822-7051

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