At Tuckahoe Hardwoods we manufacture and install a variety of wood products. We are most proud of our recent addition of East Indian Walnut for our new Live Edge Collection. It is just one of the many names for the wood we use for this collection.

The scientific name of the species is Samanea Saman, but other common names are Saman, Rain Tree, and Monkey Pod. The Saman is originally native to Central and South America – from Mexico south to Brazil and Peru, but now grows in tropical regions the world over. It is widely prevalent in South and Southeast Asia, as well as the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii.

The wood from the tree is used for furniture, musical instruments, wood sculptures, and of course, Live Edge Cutting Boards from Tuckahoe Hardwoods. The most famous Rain Tree was a 200-foot-tall Samanea saman tree in Tobago that was used for the construction of the family’s famous tree house on the movie “Swiss Family Robinson”.

Indonesia is rich with sustainably harvested woods of other desirable species as well. Over our years doing business we have cultivated relationships with responsible and reliable suppliers for the Genuine Mahogany and Teak we use in much of our other furniture and home décor.