Each Live Edge Hand Carved Square Teak Bowl is truly a work of art. These pieces can stand on their own as a decoration, as well as be used as a Ramen Bowl, a catch all bowl, a small salad or side dish bowl, or exotic candy dish. The bowls are food safe, finished with a blend of organic beeswax and food grade mineral oil.

Intricately grained and medium sized, each bowl is different, as we allow the shape of the roots of the Teak tree to form each unique piece. These bowls are carved in a unique square shape, with sides measuring approximately 7.5 inches and the overall height approximately 2.5 inches.

We also offer in-house engraving capabilities to add your logo or branding. Please use our Contact Form to upload your logo or graphic files.

Product Number: THBW-04A
Product Dimensions: 7.5 D* x 7.5 W* x 2.5 H*
Product Material: Teak


For information on purchasing for hospitality, please contact us for a list of authorized distributors and/or wholesale pricing.

George Dent
tel: (410) 822-7051

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* Live Edge Boards vary slightly in width. Average width is shown.