Natural Edge Bowl - Decorative & Fruit Bowls

These works of art are hand carved from Teak roots and have an organic natural edge. These bowls make unique gifts, fruit or display bowls. Large, thick and sturdy, each hand carved bowl is unique with a natural edge and varying shape and beautiful grain sure to make a statement.

Each 15"(D)x8"(H)* bowl is one-of-a-kind with a free-form organic edge that is sure to delight guests!

Product Number: THBW-03C
Product Dimensions: 15 L x 15 W* x 9 H
Product Material: East Indian Walnut
Product Price: $159.00

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Promotional & Customization

For information on purchasing or customizing for unique promotional gifts, please contact us for a list of authorized distributors and/or wholesale pricing.

George Dent
tel: (410) 822-7051

* Live Edge Bowls may vary slightly in dimensions and capacity. Average dimensions are shown.
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