Custom Sanding and Finishing

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Sanding and finishing floors is a very detail oriented process that takes some time if you want it done right. An area must be clear of all furniture and areas taped off with plastic to minimize dust issues. Sanding can take a day or more to complete, depending on the size of the project. That is where the professionals at Tuckahoe Hardwoods, your local flooring expert, come in. After sanding, we will be glad to stain your floors if one has been selected. This is sometimes done in our shop in Easton, but we also offer our clients the option of choosing the stain right there on their floors the day we start. Here at Tuckahoe Hardwoods, your Easton flooring professionals, we like to offer this option because all houses have slightly different lighting, which causes the stain to appear slightly different in different areas.

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Wood can also have a good deal of variation from tree to tree in the same species, and even in the same tree, so it is nice for you to be able to see what your floor will look like on your job site. The experienced team at Tuckahoe Hardwoods, your local flooring expert, use both oil- and water-based polyurethanes depending on the needs of the project. The entire process can take five to 10 days, depending on the project scope. After final coat, most polyurethanes can be walked on in socks in 24 hours. Polyurethanes do continue to cure over time and most come to 100% cure after about 30 days. That is why we recommend waiting on placing area rugs for this period if possible. Although we do our best to minimize dust, a good house cleaning is recommended after we are finished the job to get any dust that may remain. Schedule your next custom sanding and finishing project at Tuckahoe Hardwoods, your local flooring expert, today!