Natural Edge Teak Bowl - Large

These Decorative Natural Edge Bowls are each pieces of art on their own. These unforgettable bowls make a beautiful and unique way to display foods, fruit, salads, or even snacks in a natural, hand-crafted vessel.

Each large* bowl is one-of-a-kind with a free-form organic edge and exterior that is sure to delight guests!

Product Number: THBW-03C
Product Dimensions: 15" D* x 9" H*
Product Material: Teak
Pack: 1

Hospitality Purchasing

For information on purchasing for hospitality, please contact us for a list of authorized distributors and/or wholesale pricing.

George Dent
tel: (410) 822-7051

* Live Edge Bowls may vary slightly in dimensions and capacity. Average dimensions are shown.
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